When it comes to connecting with foreign-language audiences, you want your article, blog or marketing copy to make an impact. All too often, translated texts stand out for all the wrong reasons: they read like translations, with clunky sentence constructions and idiomatic inaccuracies detracting from the message originally conveyed in the source text.

At Airedale Communications, we apply the same care to our translations as we do to creating commissioned articles and content. We apply the highest editorial standards to every target text, not only considering grammatical and syntactic accuracy, but also text structure, flow, repetition – and above all, your target audience.

German-Language Services

In addition to translation, German-language customers can also benefit from our transcreation service. We take your German source text and re-imagine its message, formulating it into a bespoke English-language text that will resonate with your English-speaking audience. We can also offer ideas and suggestions for improving and enhancing your source text to ensure that it creates the greatest impact.

English text adaptation

Besides translating German into British or American English, Airedale Communications can also adapt an English source text to suit a British, American or international audience. English may be the lingua franca of global business, but non-native English-speakers can often feel intimidated by the complex language used in copy written by native speakers. We can adapt and reformulate your English-language copy to ensure that it resonates with non-native English-speaking audiences – simplifying the language used, whilst retaining the integrity of the message you wish to convey.

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